gone-fishingOK, I have tried this retirement thing for three weeks now, and it’s time to join the real world again.

I mean, a guy can’t fish every day, can he? It’s time to start writing again.

After 36 years as outdoors editor of The Kansas City Star, I’m ready to move on.

That’s why I have started this blog. I want to provide readers with some of the outdoors news that the major markets are failing to provide.

Here’s how it will work: I need hits. If you like this website, tell your friends, your relatives, the folks at the bait and tackle stores, heck, even your enemies. I need hits.

I will start out offering this as a free service. If I can build some respectable numbers, I hope to gain some advertising and not have to charge for access to this information.

If it doesn’t work out, well, I’ll just hang out the “Gone Fishin’” sign.