Guido Hibdon, one of the top all-time pro bass fishermen, is dealing with health problems.  But that didn’t keep him from going deer hunting early this week.

Sitting on the back porch of his home near Lake of the Ozarks., he watched an 8-point buck trail a doe on his wooded land.

He lifted his rifle, fired and hit his target. Later, his son and grandsons did the hard part, retrieving the buck that had run off. They found it dead…down a steep ravine.

“We see a lot of deer on our land,” Guido said. “We have woods right out back and they’re crossing through here all the time.

“Right now, I don’t have it in me to get out to where I normally hunt. But I knew I could sit on the back porch and still have a chance of shooting one.”

Hibdon considered giving the buck a pass. He described it as “a small eight-point, nothing huge.” But…

“That buck was ornery,” Hibdon said. “It kept horning that doe in the side, picking on it.

“I figured I was going to put a stop to that, ” Hibdon joked. “I could have waited for something bigger, but I wanted to put some venison in the freezer, so it worked out.”